Lilia Tarawa, #1 Best-selling Transformational Author, Keynote Speaker & Educator on Self-worth & Authenticity

I grew up in the Gloriavale religious cult and when I left at 18-years-old my whānua (family) and I carried deep trauma and emotional pain in mind, body & spirit.

My personal and business success today was built on Mike's powerful personal coaching. His mentorship helped me find purpose, build a more trusting relationship with myself and launch my personal brand as a writer, speaker and coach on how to love yourself and build healthy self-esteem.

Mike is grounded, authentic and genuinely loving to others. He is a perceptive coach who created a safe space where I could transform my rigid belief systems and seek my own truth. He gave above and beyond to grow and expand me. You can trust him to do the same for you.

Ngā mihi nui.

Tarryn Thompson
Business Owner

When my husband and I were going through a 5-day public speaking course with Michael there was a lot of theory as well as having to be focused for long days. I was really waning.

On the last day before completion I was about to pull out and Mike helped me realise that breaking point is either an opportunity to breakthrough or miss out on learning the lesson. He explained the same lesson will present itself again in different ways until I learn how to act in spite of the way I feel.

My husband and I started our first business with Michael as our mentor. During that time we created a full-time passive income, and a very successful international Health Coaching business. This success will allow my husband and I to be stay at home parents to our first child.

I am extremely grateful for the time, energy and love that Michael has given us over the years as we would not be right where we are with a thriving business and relationships if it were not for his love and passion for helping people.

Kylie, Nurse

I was referred to Mike by a friend who had been seeing him for about a month and I had noticed a real shift in her presence and attitude to life. I had been seeing my own therapist for about 20 years off and on, but felt that my issues were never resolved and would resurface stressfully throughout my life.

I had a major incident within my marriage and thought it was the end of my marriage and family unit. However, after 2 sessions with Mike, I came to realise there were deeper issues around the incident. Through the work with Mike I have renewed my outlook on the incident and have stayed with my husband. I am now working towards bettering my way of life and marriage.

Issues I have been working on with Mike are ‘self-image’, ‘self-loathing’, ‘negative thinking patterns’ and most of all ‘FINDING MY WORTH’.

I find Mike has the ability to really nut out the REAL issue and is able to make one see that what you see in others is in fact a reflection of YOU. So when you are able to see this, it is only then that you are able to let go of feelings and begin to work on yourself and truly understand yourself.

I find that Mike is easy to talk with, never judges, never makes you feel like he’s thinking ‘you should get this by now!!!”. I am also able to be myself, which at times requires some very colourful words!!!

This work with Mike is sooo different. I mean, I have talked about these issues for 30 years and never before have I felt that the ‘charge’ is gone; it just use to linger. Now I have no ‘charge’ on issues that have plagued me for a very long time.

This type of therapy helps me to understand human behaviour/nature and how we focus on the negative and not the opposite charge. This has been so beneficial to gain insight into how my brain works. I speak about Mike and the work I do, with anyone ready to listen and refer them if they are ready for change. I had a friend say to me just a few weeks ago “you have changed; you don’t put yourself down anymore”. This was big for me to hear and made me really appreciate the work Mike is doing alongside me. I can truly say for the first time in my life. “No matter what I have or have not done, I am worthy of love.”

Laura G.

I had the pleasure to have a session with Mike Harris, and discovered wonderful positive answers I’ve been looking for about 50 years (my age)!

I wanted to overcome the feelings of rejection and abandonment I suffered the most of my life.

I believed reprogramming my conscious mind and heart and balance them together was not an easy task or it was impossible.

I have done all kinds of therapies from the classical, psychology, different cognitive therapies, I did self help development amongst many, many others, I always came back to the basics! Every time I felt vulnerable the “little monsters of abandonment and rejection” took over all the work I did and thought I had mastered, just brought me back to square one.

Working with Mike gave me a totally new perspective of things and feelings I never felt before, Mike truly helped me to empower the positives outcomes I had by “rebalancing`’ my psyche and my heart/emotional state of mind, Mike helped me to dissolve the heavy feelings of guilt about myself and others and establish a new connection with both within myself.

In a very soft, super respectful way, Mike guided me by asking a series of right questions based on my own values, Mike helped me to overcome something I thought impossible, by creating new ways to disempower the negative feelings and bring up the positive ones. Combining the duality of negative and positive and creating a whole new atmosphere in my life.

In a matter of one session the relief of all the suffering disappeared and I could immediately feel the horrible pressure lifting out my body, mind and spirit. OH! I slept like never before.

I would highly recommend Mike Harris, to anyone who has been searching to “cure” or to find answers to negative feelings, limiting beliefs created by ourselves, education, religion and societies.

I want to truly thank Mike for helping me to realise that life is not black and white thinking and feeling, in the middle of all underlies the truth about our true selves and I am certain anybody can overcome anything by just accessing the right places in our minds, so we can distribute throughout our entire beings.

Hayley T.

I first started having weekly sessions with Mike about a month ago. I was recommended to him by a family member, as I wanted to finally overcome a fear I had, had since I was 5 years old, which we achieved after only a few sessions! He creates a very non-judgemental, safe space and manages to untangle thought patterns and beliefs rather quickly. I felt like I could be myself and express what I needed to without there being any wrongs or rights. He has helped me re-evaluate what’s important to me and find ways to be grateful with things that have happened in the past, that I was once resentful for. I highly recommend working with Mike and look forward to continuing in making breakthroughs and progress with him.

Tom, Business Owner

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for all the incredible ways you've helped me over the last year and a half. Your expertise as a coach is unparalleled, and I'm lucky to have had you by my side through many challenging moments! Your deep understanding of human nature and your keen ability to cut through the noise and get to the root of the issue has been truly amazing to witness. You've helped me confront the stories I tell myself and the ego trips that were holding me back, and as a result, I've been able to shift my perspective in ways I never thought possible!

Your authenticity, attention, and energy have been some of the key reasons why I've made so much progress over the past year and a half. Your years of studying and practicing your skills have certainly paid off, and I'm grateful that you chose to use them to help people like me.

As I reflect on the time we've spent together, I feel a deep sense of appreciation for your unwavering support and encouragement. I'm proud of how far I've come, and I know that I couldn't have done it without you.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for everything you've done for me. Your impact on my life has been immeasurable, and I'm grateful to have you as my coach and friend. Lots of love to you, Mike, and here's to more growth and progress in the years to come 🔥❤️

Isaac Hayes, Financial Advisor

Mike uses very unique and extremely effective methods to guide one through the process of healing any and all mental/emotional trauma we all experience as human beings. In only a few coaching sessions, I’ve already experienced a completely new, empowered sense of self in my life and relationships.

Having done 15+ years of personal/professional development myself, I’ve found Mike’s coaching, communication and strategies to be particularly powerful and quick to produce results I’ve never experienced till now.

I’m able to deal with triggers in my relationships with family, friends and work colleagues much faster than I was able to only a few weeks ago. I have a greater sense of peace, freedom and confidence within myself. I had issues trusting women that stemmed from my relationship with my Mother. I wasn't even aware they were there for me to the degree they were. There have been a number of surprising results to date!

I’m excited to continue my work with Mike and highly recommend his work to anyone from any walk of life.

Dr Nick Kimber, Phd.
Senior Lecturer in Sport Science & Human


Michael has made a significant impact on my personal growth over the past two and a half years. In his highly skilled manner, Michael been able to transform me from a resistant, unteachable individual to someone who is now able to see a bigger vision and be an effective coach for others.

Michael has a remarkable ability to see in others what they cannot see for themselves, to lift people and take them to another level of productivity.

With the assistance of Michael, I now have an inspired vision to become someone that I never considered was possible. My business results have improved dramatically, thanks to Michael’s wisdom around communication and connecting with people.

I’m grateful for all the time and energy Michael has shared as a coach and importantly as a trusted and respected friend. If you have the opportunity to work with Michael, I would recommend you grab it with both hands!

Wyndi Tagi, Co-founder, WE Accounting

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July this year, I knew I had a lot of healing to do, including clearing out emotional baggage I'd been carrying around for so many years.

I've spent hours upon hours and thousands of dollars on counsellors over the years. Some haven't done a darn thing and some made shifts but never really got to the core of it all. I still had painful emotions being triggered.

I am amazed at what Mike can do within one session! I went from balling my eyes out at how alone and abandoned I felt as a child in a particular moment, to realising I wasn't alone and experiencing absolute gratitude for what had happened.

I now no longer feel a charge towards that moment in time, yet, I carried it around for years!

Brett Liddle, Business Owner

Around 10 years ago a friend of mine tried to strangle me while I was driving him in my car.

I did two sessions of around one hour each with Mike. The breakthroughs I had during the sessions were literally life changing for me!

I now have no problem talking and building relationships with men. I have been in several group situations where I once would have been very uncomfortable and now I feel no anxiety whatsoever.

This process has been incredible for me, I now move through my day to day life without fear holding me back.

Joel Sadler, Digital Transformation

Working with Mike has been one of the best decisions of my life. The impact has been phenomenal. It has improved my ability to love myself and those around me. My relationship with my wife and kids is being transformed. My relationship with health and money is being transformed. I'm exceptionally grateful. If you want to evolve as a person then work with Mike. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Pascale Hennessey, Life Coach & Personal Development Mentor

Michael and I met through mutual friends, yet our relationship developed much later when Michael offered to help me with my business start-up. Over the years we have built a great team and I have learnt a great deal from Michael’s experience as an entrepreneur and successful businessman and consultant. The trainings and weekly contact with Michael as a coach have been invaluable to my business and my personal life. I’m certain I wouldn’t have the business success I have today if it weren’t for Michael and his expertise.

Stefan Diedrichs, Building Consultant & Entrepreneur

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Being an entrepreneur has been something that I have learnt through trial and error. Meeting Michael was something that I am truly grateful for. Over 1 year ago the thought of me having a mentor was weird, as a self-made entrepreneur I was asking myself “Why do I want someone telling me what to do”. That was my first mistake. I didn’t understand the true power of someone who sees your strengths, who gives compassionate feedback on things that they see that you can improve on, and who helps you get through the bad times by helping you see the bigger picture. “Telling me” changed to “Guiding me” and someone who is as successful as Michael is packaging up over a decade of knowledge, it has been the best thing that has happened to me. Using Michael’s wisdom I have pushed through my personal barriers and fears and have excelled in the realm of my new business. Michael is like a brother to me, and I look forward to the work we have ahead. Thank you for everything you have done.


After working with Mike over several sessions I can honestly say that the work he did with me has been life changing. I feel happier and more satisfied with life, more able to be in the moment and stress less. Every session makes me feel lighter and free in a new way. My relationships with those close to me have improved and become more honest as I am learning to live into my highest values and this is bringing a joy and security I have been craving. I am so grateful every day for Mike and the weight he has helped to lift off my shoulders.

Tesh, Business Owner

"I got in touch with Mike as I wanted coaching and personal development in a specific area of my life, and we ended up tackling much more over the five sessions we worked together. Mike asks great questions and listens to the answers. He has a clear process he works with and I found it got results. One thing I particularly appreciated about his approach was the lack of positive or negative reinforcement of anything I stated that I felt/perceived to be true. This gave room for it to change. I would recommend Mike to others and am glad to have booked him for these coaching sessions as I got a lot out of it."

Angie Edwards, Copywriter

Michael has had a profound impact on my life. We eventually grew to be extremely close friends and he was instrumental in my finding the strength to escape from a deeply unhappy relationship and move forward with my life. Michael helped me feel strong when I was not, he helped me find confidence and strength inside myself that I never knew existed, and he opened my eyes to the importance of developing a strong mind – how to walk the dog, instead of letting the dog walk you. He helped me cultivate an abundance mindset and this has resonated throughout my entire life to great effect. Michael is one of the few people I’ve ever met who I can have a truly incredible conversation with about pretty much anything – his appetite for learning and helping people is HUGE and he has an uncanny ability to zero in on what people aren’t saying, in order to help them reveal hidden blocks and fears that are holding them back. He is a smart, committed, born leader and his ability to inspire and educate people is unparalleled. I would recommend just five minutes with Mike to anyone who’s feeling ‘stuck’ in any part their life – his compassion, insight, and ability to inspire lasting personal change is amazing. I’m inspired by him still, after knowing him for 13 years, and I’m deeply grateful to call him a friend.


I started working with Mike due to the nature of my job working in emergency services. I experience a lot of traumatic situations. Encouraged by my partner to meet with Mike, I felt a bit apprehensive because past therapy or counseling has typically involved me replaying my memories over and over which makes me feel further stuck and often didn’t resolve the issues...

After the first two sessions with Mike, I had a massive shift in my perception of an event that happened at work. Now, when or if that memory pops up in my mind it doesn’t trigger any response in my body which I am so grateful for.

I continue working with Mike when it comes to either personal or professional trauma, he's truly my secret weapon now!

Behavioural Strategist
NLP Practitioner
Trained Demartini Method Facilitator

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