The Power of Intention

We always get what we REALLY want.

Behind all of our words and our actions is our TRUE INTENTION.

Has someone ever said something to you and you could feel something didn’t add up with what they were saying or it just didn’t feel right?

Often when you get this feeling you are right to assume something doesn’t match.

This is because they have already communicated with you before even speaking their words.

Let me explain further by starting with what we are as Human beings.

We are energy!

Through our thoughts and innermost desires we project our energy which we use to create our world, situations, people we meet and outcomes.

A widely known term for part of what I’m explaining is “Good Vibes” or “Bad Vibes”.

If you think about it, you have probably yourself or have known someone that has used this when describing someone that you have just met.

“I didn’t get a good vibe from him”.

The person has communicated to you through energy and something didn’t feel right for you with that interaction.

Perhaps the persons true intention was not a good one based on your values or there was incongruousness to what they were ‘outwardly’ saying through their language to what was really being expressed to you through their true intention.

In business, sales, communication and in general it is critical to get very clear on what your intention really is.

You see if you are just trying to gain, you will find it very hard to get great results and if you do make a sale, quite often the customer or team member will get buyers remorse because they feel ‘sold to’ and the process didn’t feel right.

They picked up on your intention to sell them so you could gain. Knowing this is critical because if your true intention is to give service and to help others get what they want, people will feel this and be drawn to you.

They will want to buy from you because they know you really want to help them.
If your true intention is to help others get what they want, you’ll never have to worry about your success.

Create a short concise mission statement that aligns with the product and service you are offering and go into every interaction with this at the forefront of your mind.

If you do this – What do you think will happen to your results?