As I sat waiting for my cars WOF (Warrant of Fitness) in a small room, I realized two things had just happened.

I was on my way to the Mechanics when I got a phone call from a friend and someone I have been coaching.

He rang to say welcome back from my trip to the United States and to fill me in on what had happened while I was away.

He had the sound of excitement and of someone who was inspired.

We had done some pretty intensive coaching on communication just before I left.

Sam is a very intelligent guy with a PhD in Nutrition so he knows a lot!

For quite a while however Sam had been putting barriers in his way when it comes to taking in anything new, this was due to previous experiences and old emotional anchors he held to these.

One day I sat with him looked him the eye and I asked;

“Are you ready to be coached?”

“Are you ready to be open and teachable?”

Well that was the moment everything changed.

That was the start of his thank you to me for all the help I had given him.

He said “Mike, thank you. From that day you asked me, I was ready. A huge shift has taken place!”

He then proceeded to tell me how he was ready for action and was clear on where he was going.

The key was me asking him ‘if he was ready’. This was for him to be clear not just for me but himself. Once he acknowledged that everything changed for him.

Did I do it?


He did!

Ask yourself are you ready to change, grow and get a different result?

Another important point when asking – Ask for what you want in life….

As I drove to the Mechanics, I saw one closer to me, I thought I’d call in and ask if they were available to do my car now.

Yes, he could do it right then and there for me, saving me time and money!

If I hadn’t asked, I would never have known.

Too many people never ask, never step outside what they had planned and are left wondering

“What if I had…”

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