What are your values?

What are your Values?

Let’s get clear on what I mean by “Values” first.

I’m not referring to Characteristics, such as honesty, integrity or compassion.

The values I’m referring to are that of the our world, things that are important to us.

For example – Family, Social, Finances, Business, spirituality, mental, physical and how they stack up in our own unique hierarchy of what’s important to us.

As a child I had and still have two very loving parents.

With that love came lots of learning, support and challenge, like all good loving relationships should have.

My mum with the best intentions used to ‘guide’ me the direction she thought was best for me.

People around us often do this, recommend, give advice and guide.

This is fine provided You know your values system and what’s important to you and can filter this information based on what’s’ best for you, rather than injecting their values into yourself and being in-congruent to your inner desires.

Let me explain a little further.
When I was deciding what course to study at University I really wanted to study Exercise Science, my Mum out of love questioned that

“But you won’t make a lot of money doing that”.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

“What about this?”

I started to question my choice, after much deliberation I went against my inner knowing and inspiration and went with something I thought THEY would be proud of.

By doing this, I minimized myself and prioritized their values over mine.

To cut a long story short I only lasted about 6 months in that Degree before moving onto another I thought would be better, only to throw that in as well and a year later decided to pursue my original love and inspiration of Exercise Science!

I am grateful for this experience (although to begin with, I was annoyed with Mum), it has helped me to realize we NEED to honor ourselves and what is important to us, this set of values is unique to each of us, it is worth taking sometime to get clear on what these are.

I now understand that Mum was giving me advice based on HER set of values rather than honoring mine, so the advice she was giving me was good for her but not me!

The best way to help someone is to KNOW their values and communicate to them on what’s important to them.

If you are in business, you have team members, employees, people you are coaching; do you think it would be useful to connect what you want them to do in their role to an outcome that is important to them?

This is exactly the same for sales, it’s selling what that person needs, wants or doesn’t want.

Knowing this and communicating it effectively shows you have listened to what’s important to them and will allow you to connect to them more authentically.

This is your responsibility, and also applies how you communicate to yourself!

If your most important values is supporting your family or travel or Financial Freedom or Having your own home, then you need to link what you are doing on a daily basis to this.

Creating a list is a great way to do this.

For a great exercise, list 50 ways building your business is helping to achieve and fulfill your highest value.

Once you hit 50, go for 100, build your way up to 200 benefits and see what happens!

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