Follow up, Follow up….. Follow up

Time and time again, I witness people making the growth of their business and the sales process a lot harder than it actually is.

Often people will show someone their information, whether though a presentation in person, a webinar or a link.

Obviously this is great! The first step of showing information has been taken. It is however only the first step and without the rest of the sequence it is usually a waste of time!

Think of it like jumping in your car with the idea of going to the mall. You first think about it, grab your keys, unlock the car, jump in the driver seat, hit the ignition and just sit with your engine running in your driveway.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s great but to get to the mall (your goal) you need to put the car into gear and drive or guide your car through the streets until you reach your destination.

This is the exact same process as the sales process.

Once you have ‘started your ignition’ (shown someone your info) the clear communication and guidance must start.

What happens next if you don’t do this?


Just like driving the car, it is your responsibility to guide your prospect on what the next steps are.

Both you and they need to be clear on what is happening next, lack of clarity creates confusion, just try driving down the road blindfolded!

Once that initial meeting is finished it is CRITICAL to arrange a follow up, the purpose of this is to get together again to help the prospect make an informed decision on whether what you are offering them is something they want or not.

If this is not created often the person showing the information wonders ‘when should I call?’ I don’t want to be pushy!”

The reason this pops up is because the clear sequence wasn’t communicated and followed.

Once finished with someone in the initial meeting I simply say (providing they have some interest) “Great I find it best at this point for you to read over/or watch the rest of the information and for us to get together again within the next few days so I can answer any further questions and you can make an educated decision if this is right for you. When would suit, Wednesday or Thursday?”

Once you have clearly explained this to them it makes sense WHY you are seeing each other again and creates a clear path to your goal, a yes or a no.

When you guide the situation like this it also shows your prospect that you are confident and know what you’re doing.

This is extremely important. Would you want to partner or buy form someone that didn’t know what they were doing?

This simple step needs to be done one on one again until you reach the end goal, yes or no.

This may take 2, 3 or 4 or even 5 follow-ups over a period of months.

The key is ALWAYS book a follow up from a follow up, if you do, you are creating clarity for both of you, showing that you are confident and know what your doing AND most importantly, doing the right thing for your prospect by helping them make an educated decision.

If you follow this simple process, I promise it makes growing your business so much easier!

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