I want it! And I want it now!

Have you ever wanted something and didn’t want to wait for it?

Of course you have, I think most people could agree they have had a goal and didn’t want to go through the process to get it.

Children are a great example of the “Short term gratification” mindset.

Understandably they perhaps haven’t been around long enough to grasp the concept that you at times have to save in order to buy the car you want house want or that holiday.

After being in business for over 10 years I have witnessed a large portion of the people I have dealt with keep this ‘Short Term gratification’ mindset.

This is extremely harmful to them when they go into business for themselves, whether it is MLM or traditional business.

Majority of people who have been in the workforce as employees for most of their lives are used to going to work, punching the clock, working for the day, leaving work, going home and forgetting about their day and being paid every week or fortnight for their time.

Take that same person; let’s say they decide to start building an MLM business.

They pay a small sum of money to get their pack and are in business. Now what? Where is the immediate gratification?

There is no consistent weekly income…. There is work being put in with no money coming in….

Depending on the person, their drive, skills and amount of productive income producing activity the individual puts in dictates the speed of the return.

This can be weeks, months or in some cases a year. It is totally dependent on the individual.

I remember it took me over 3 months to get my first small cheque but I could see the big picture.

So many people give up just before they strike gold because they are looking for that short-term fix.

If you want to succeed it is imperative to change your thinking to a ‘long term gravitation’ mind set from a short term.

It has taken time to build, but you are paid over and over again for the work done because you are building an asset for yourself, not just punching a clock!

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