Grow Your Most Important Asset

What is our most important asset?

It is ourselves – you and me!!

Think about it for a minute, we are the only constant in our lives.

Relationships will come and go and people evolve, businesses will change, jobs will change and the world is most definitely ALWAYS changing.

In a matter of speaking, you are the guaranteed companion for yourself throughout this journey.

I realized this in my early 20’s and since then I have been investing money, time and energy on developing my business, communication and financial skills.

Most of all I have spent a lot of time getting to know ME.

Cleaning up perceptions of events and attachment’s in my past that was minimizing my worth or ability becoming aware of what makes my heart and soul fly, what inspires me.

Basically defining my purpose and mission for being here.

Stretching and challenging at times, this has been an amazing journey.

I think the ability to stop amongst the noise around us and inside our heads and get really present with ourselves and to reflect on situations and events and ask questions like;

“What did I learn from this?”

“What could I have done differently?”

“How has this helped me grow?”

We should never stop asking questions and never stop wanting to learn.

The more we expand our knowledge, our skills and our awareness we increase our VALUE.

When that VALUE is used to give service to others it will in return increase your right to earn and receive more.

That return could be spiritually, mentally or financially. It could be all of them. The point I’m making is the more value you have to offer others, you will naturally increase your return.

I am a big believer of doing courses where you will experience this learning. Reading books, listening or watching videos that are expanding your mind and knowledge.

It is best to find your preferred learning style whether that be the written word or audio.

On top of this I think seminars/programs are very important because I believe the learning is accelerated and you have surrounded yourself with like-minded people.

Expand yourself and increase your value to others then focus on being of service to others.

The more people you can reach and be of service to the greater your return.

Do this watch the MAGIC happen!

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