It’s your Choice And It’s All About Choices

We have choices to make in our lives everyday.

What do I wear today?

Have for breakfast?

How will I do my hair?

You may be thinking these aren’t really that important and perhaps they are not as important as some others, such as;

Will I workout today?

Will I choose to eat healthy?

Will I spend quality time with my loved one?

We can probably agree these are important choices however there is a choice that to me is one of the MOST IMPORTANT we make on a daily basis.

What we choose to make circumstances and what people say to us MEAN.

As Entrepreneurs this is extremely important, whenever you start something new or ‘step outside the box’ of the norm.

People close to you will often question what you’re doing.

Let me share something that happened to me when I started out.

When I began my journey into MLM I found a company that looked great.

I had researched the products, which were outstanding.

The business model looked like the smartest way to make money I had seen.

“Why would anyone not do this??!!” I thought to myself.

As most people that are excited do, I went out and told the people closes to me with enthusiasm about it.

Well needless to say the reaction I got was not one that I wanted, or did I?

Mum and Dad I remember very well, “Michael, what have you got yourself into now??” “You’re a dreamer just like your Uncle.”

That momentary feeling of defeat flashed through my body… I fought it off.

Soon after I was at a friends house for a few drinks and after telling them what I was doing, they started to mock me, telling me I was in pyramid scheme.

Something inside me clicked, I was angry, I was angry that people that were close to me were threating like this, how dear they.

This is the moment that I make my choice.

I chose to let these people and their words be my motivation to prove them wrong.

To prove to myself that what I had seen and was doing was going to work!!

This was ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT choices I have made in my life.

It is moments like these that many entrepreneurs break and give up.

They choose to let the words and opinions of others become their reality.

So often choosing to listen to the uneducated opinions of other and let them shape their future.

Instead of listening to others I CHOSE to believe in my vision and my research, the moment I did this my results catapulted.

I now realize that I needed this to help me succeed, to give m the strength and belief in myself. I thank them for being such an important part in my journey.

The next time someone doubts you or what you’re doing, what are you going to choose?

Will you choose to let if break you? Or will you choose to add fuel to your fire and propel your success?

The CHOICE is yours.

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